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Most everyone has seen the effectiveness of a window mural or window splash, as they are sometimes called. They have a long, proven track record of having the “LOOK AT ME, I AM AN ADVERTISEMENT SCREAMING AT YOU FACTOR.” And that’s a good thing when you’re looking to get noticed.


A Color Affair helps businesses announce “Sales”, “Coming Soon”, as well as helps clients celebrate the holidays. Window Murals are an inexpensive way to advertise while adding an unique quality to the storefront.

Things to Consider before You decide on Window Murals or Window Splashes:


Each window mural A Color Affair creates starts with you and your ideas. Michelle Black will work closely with you to make sure the design of the windows WORKS FOR YOU, making your life a little bit easier.

What do you want to be advertised? How do you want it to look? What are you trying to accomplish with the window murals? More Foot Traffic? A Celebration? A Sale?


Each window mural will have a rough draft of the concept or artwork. You’ll receive the design via email for approval. This is when you make any changes or move things around, to accomplish what you’re looking for. Once we’ve got the design created the way you want, it’s time to book the project.

You’ll need to clean the window frames and glass 24 hours in advance. If I have to clean them, it’s an additional $50.00. When you clean the windows, do not use a degreaser; Windex or another window cleaner will work just fine.


Typically, windows murals are painted within one to two days. The window paint will last for months without fading. There is a chance that the paint can be scrapped off (i.e. fingernails, razor blade) but in most cases, the murals remain intact the entire time they are in place.


When it’s time to remove the window mural, A Color Affair would be more than happy to come out and remove them for a $25.00 fee or we’ll show you how to remove it easily yourself.

In rare cases where a window mural is significantly damaged, call A Color Affair and we’ll come back out repair the mural for a small fee (usually $25.00).

Depending on how much damage there is, the fee

may change.