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Residential Murals

Each of the Murals below were hand painted and designed specifically for a residential client of A Color Affair. A Residential Client is someone who hires A Color Affair to come in and hand paints wall murals within their home or property. Residential murals can be placed anywhere in the home like the kitchen, basement, bathroom, bedroom, living room, foyer or outdoor living space. Hand Painted Murals are a great conversation piece and can really show off your passion, your personality or your life.

Man Caves Murals, Garage Murals, Basement Murals, Playroom Murals & Outdoor Space Murals

Man Caves & Playrooms

Kitchen Murals & Finishes, Bathroom Murals & Finishes & Living Spaces Murals & Finishes

Living Spaces

Hand Painted Furniture Murals & Unique Object Murals

Furniture & Objects